Branding and Design

We all know that it only takes seconds to form a first impression about an organisation. Your branding, the logo you use and all the aspects of the style you present to others are critical in forming first opinions and for reinforcing an organisational personality. If you need some help creating, reviewing or strengthening your image and branding, we can work with you to ensure that it’s strong and working effectively for you.

Some of the work we can do includes

  • carrying out an audit of all your graphics and promotional material
  • creating a new, strong brand that reflects the ‘personality’ and style of your organisation
  • creating a Style Guide to help clarify and promote the messages throughout the organisation
  • ensuring that this style is applied consistently throughout all your communication

From logos to flyers, adverts to newsletters we work hard with our clients to get to grips with what you’re aiming to achieve and come up with effective results. We have years of experience working in this area and keeping your brand strong and your message on target. We believe we have a good eye for what works.

  • logos and branding
  • promotional pieces such as flyers or brochures
  • newsletters and e-newsletters
  • websites
  • adverts

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